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Lesson 231: Cocaine Was Once Seen As Medicinal



Lesson 231: Cocaine Was Once Seen As Medicinal
I love the show “The Knick”; it’s was different, unique, super well made, and interesting. One thing in the show was how “realistic” it was and then you find out that yup, cocaine was “medicinal”. It’s things like that that make me wonder about people that act like people don’t change. We change (well, mostly) based on the information we have. When we find something is wrong, we can put in the work to change. Not so long ago, cocaine was seen as medicinal but over the years we have come to realise, well, it isn’t a very good idea to use cocaine in that light. If you have information that changes your belief, you should be willing to embrace the change.
PROMPT: What is something from the past you were shocked to discover?
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