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Lesson 124:  Discipline > Motivation


Lesson 124:  Discipline > Motivation
We are surrounded by motivation porn. If you use any social media service, from Instagram to Twitter, you can be sure that there is going to be a post that is all about motivating you to do X or Y. There’s nothing wrong with that but if you are waiting for motivation to do that thing you want to do, there’s a very good chance that it won’t get done. What we need to rely on is discipline. The discipline to suck it up and do what is needed, day in day out without any external influence. It isn’t easy but it is not impossible. Set a schedule and stick to it. Yes, you’ll slip but you just get right back and do what is needed. Bit by bit and boom, you’ll get to your goal.
PROMPT: What things can you do to cultivate discipline?
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